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Hey There!

My name is McKenna. I've been involved in the world of performing since I was 3, but have expanded my realm of opportunity into the managerial aspect, the teaching aspect, and the background aspect as well. I also enjoy throwing my hand into multiple forms of art, including: digital art, canvas art, and photography. Below is a beginner guide on me, my story, and my interests. I hope you enjoy!

My Theatrical Journey

I first started out in dance when I was 3. I did it through a performing arts summer camp program at a local church called Artbeat. I was trained in Ballet and Hip Hop, moving onto Acro in my free time. With the same program, I involuntarily started theatre after they needed a smaller version of one of their leads to be "Little Alice" in their production of Alice in Wonderland. I was a perfect fit and had one line...which I got too scared to say. So instead I did a little dance and frolicked across the stage and let the actual Alice return to the stage. I did 2 more productions with them as "Bashful" in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and "Mrs. Griggs" in Ramona Quimby.

I paused dancing and started doing gymnastics for a few years until sports took up too much of my time and I had to focus on that. I continued doing soccer, swim, acro, and basketball throughout my school years. In junior high, I took Drama for both years and I fell in love with theatre again. When I got to high school, I continued dancing through the elective classes offered and eventually found a community theatre company to devote all my time to.


High school was an important time for me. I honed in a lot of my dancing skills and technique, as well as adding a lot of styles to my repertoire. I also got very involved with theatre and ended up auditioning for a musical theatre scholarship for college. High school is also where I found and worked on my love of photography, digital art, music editing, and painting. And, though it didn't start in high school, my senior year rekindled my love for creative writing. From the time of fifth grade to senior year, I had written 4 books. One of the books I had written and rewritten about 6 times. I've recently started rewriting that book for the seventh time now. I'm hoping this is the last one. In my senior year of high school, I had the opportunity to enter a short story into a contest for all of the senior language arts classes. My entry won top prize out of 900 students. That sparked a good first year in college getting my GE English classes completed.


In college, I chose to major in Theatre Arts with a concentration in Musical Theatre. Little did I know this was one of the universities hardest degree tracks. With 158 units needing to be completed, we were getting jam packed with information and it was riveting. With only 2 semesters to go left in my undergrad at the moment, I can honestly say I have never been more sure that I'm where I'm meant to be more than I am at this point in my life.


Throughout my journey, I've been a performer, a teacher, a choreographer, a backstage hand, or on the production team, but I've always been a student. I love to learn and I love to be able to contribute my time and efforts into something that becomes a beautiful show. Through these 4 years of experience, I've been able to get theatre gigs, film gigs, art and photography gigs, and managerial gigs. My journey for 2025 will be getting my Masters in musical theatre. But for now, I will focus on the last 2 semesters of my Bachelors.


My Resumes

Theatre, Dance, Tech, Film


McKenna Crash Course

I'm married to a wonderful military man and we have the cutest 2 year old Australian Kelpie puppy. I love the ocean! My hobbies include writing, doing archery, baking, painting, and riding horses. I like to relax by reading, going to the beach, taking a long bath, peeling pomegranates, and doing aerial silks and lyra. I am proudly Irish American and will take every chance I get to talk about my family heritage. I love sports, whether it's doing or watching them. And my favorite sports to watch are swim, hockey, and soccer.

My "On Repeat" Songs

My Recommended Reading

Fantasy. Adventure. Romance.

I love to read. My whole life, that was the one constant for me. No matter what was happening in the world around me, I could always find a safe haven from the storm in my books. I love fantasy and mythology because of the magic, the creatures, and the stories. I love adventure because I find myself constantly lost in the pages. And I love romance because it makes me happy and I love seeing people in love. Though these aren't all of my favorites, these are definitely the top favorites.

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